IPLACe: The Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center at Wake Forest University.

When you first imagined life on a college campus, you probably thought of a place filled with smart, inventive people having inspiring conversations about every subject imaginable. IPLACe exists to foster just that.

Drawing together artists, scholars, students, faculty, and staff from every corner of our campus, IPLACe uses performance collaborations—with Chemistry, Religion, History, Politics, Math, Romance Languages, Neuroscience, Documentary Film, and really anything else you can think of—to give us all a place, a time, and a reason to talk to each other about the things we care about.


Capoeira Workshop

On Dec. 7, 2016, a delegation of capoeiristas from San Francisco will visit Wake Forest to engage with Dr. Jaira Harrington’s Race and Politics in Brazil course.   Capoeira is a […]


Allison Orr Creative Residency

From Jan. 25-28, 2017, IPLACe will be co-sponsoring a creative residency with Austin-based dance artist and alumna Allison Orr.  The visit will center on laying foundations for a longer visit […]


Joel New Creative Residency

IPLACe hosted composer and lyricist Joel New the last weekend of November, 2016.  During his time at Wake Forest, New hosted a masterclass with student musicians on Nov. 27.  He also worked […]


Scott Anderson Creative Residency

Internationally-renowned novelist and journalist Scott Anderson visited Wake Forest Oct. 24-27 to meet with students and speak on his article Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart.   He addressed […]



DADA! 100 Years of Edge Innovation Friday, November 4, ZSR Library DADA Talk! a round table discussion DADA 100! reception, performances, music, projections and readings DADA Films! An event held […]