IPLACe: The Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center at Wake Forest University.

When you first imagined life on a college campus, you probably thought of a place filled with smart, inventive people having inspiring conversations about every subject imaginable. IPLACe exists to foster just that.

Drawing together artists, scholars, students, faculty, and staff from every corner of our campus, IPLACe uses performance collaborations—with Chemistry, Religion, History, Politics, Math, Romance Languages, Neuroscience, Documentary Film, and really anything else you can think of—to give us all a place, a time, and a reason to talk to each other about the things we care about.

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The Looking Glass Self

Student Kim Korzen combines slam poets from WFU’s Can-I-Poet? with dancers to craft personal poetic narratives.


Perspectives on Integration: Music at Little Rock Central High and Beyond

A symposium that draws together faculty from the Departments of Music, English, and History. It also features a guest speaker and performer Brice Evans.


Carlos Perez and Poetry

Guitarist Carlos Perez returned to Wake Forest University for a performance in the Byrum Welcome Center! In addition to Perez’s internationally acclaimed guitar work, the performance featured readings of Spanish […]


Romantic Music: Do We Know What We’re Doing?

WFU welcomed acclaimed conductor, musicologist and author Will Crutchfield for a two-day residency that included visits to classes, rehearsals and an interactive session with music, theatre, journalism and entrepreneurship students and faculty. February 8-9.

Adam Versenyi is the new chairman for The Department of Dramatic Arts at UNC. He received his B.A. in the Combined Major in English and Spanish from Yale, as well as his M.F.A. and D.F.A. in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism from the Yale School of Drama. Versenyi has since published many major works and is the founder of the online journal, The Mercurian: A Theatrical Translation Review. In addition, he has worked at Yale Repertory Theatre, Florida Studio Theatre, New York Shakespeare Festival, and La Mama E.T.C and other nationally recognized theaters. Versenyi has been the Playmakers Repertory Company dramaturg since 1988.

Ramon Griffero and the Politics of the Dramaturgy of Space: A Lecture/Demonstration

Utilizing his own translations of Griffero’s plays, Versényi investigates how Griffero’s aesthetic approach emerges out of the conditions of late twentieth century Chile.