The Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center at Wake Forest University supports projects that combine the performing arts (Music, Theatre, Dance) with each other and/or with other WFU disciplines, centers, and programs. Using the intense, personal connections created by live performance, the Interdisciplinary PLACe builds on the already high quality of performance work at Wake Forest and invigorates the intellectual and cultural life of the university.

IPLACe has helped draw together dozens of constituencies on campus and in our community, funding interdisciplinary performance projects, guest artist visits, commissioned works, panel discussions, receptions, special classroom projects, lectures, research and conference support, and intimate “salons.”  Archives are currently being constructed, so you’ll soon see the wide variety of inventive work that faculty, staff, and students have created together.

If you have an idea for an interdisciplinary performance connection, please email our director or a member of our executive committee.



Cindy Gendrich, Theatre
336 758 3940

Executive Committee

Louis Goldstein, Music (on leave Fall 2017)
Christina Tsoules Soriano, Dance
Leah Elyce Roy, Theatre
Elizabeth Clendinning, Music (on leave Fall 2017)
Paul Bright, Art
Jacqui Carrasco, Music (Fall 2017)

Administrative Assistant:

Chris Yon
336 758 2646



Stacy Wolf – Princeton,  Andrew Clark – Harvard

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Cindy Gendrich IPLACe

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