Petr Ginz was a marvel. He wrote novels and poetry, made linocuts and watercolors, invented designs for spaceships and secret codes. And he was murdered by the Nazis when he was only 16. Embers and Stars, The Story of Petr Ginz is a story about imagination and courage, about family, love, and unquenchable curiosity. It’s about remembering and celebrating a boy who should have lived.

By Cindy Gendrich (Theatre) and Andy White (Artistic Director of Lookingglass Theatre in Chicago), with substantial support from the Interdisciplinary PLACe. Embers and Stars is based on The Diary of Petr Ginz, edited by Chava Pressburger, translated by Elena Lappin (Copyright 2004 by Chava Pressburger, Translation 2007 copyright by Elena Lappin. Atlantic Monthly Press, NY) and on the documentary film The Last Flight of Petr Ginz, by Sandy Dickson (WFU Documentary Film) and Churchill Roberts.