Allison Orr and Served

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This symposium featured Brice Evans, current Director of Bands at Little Rock’s Central High School, and drew heavily on Brandon Robinson’s Ph.D. dissertation, “The Band at Little Rock Central High School Before, During, and After Integration in 1957–1958.” Using Central High as a “test case,” the symposium’s explored larger issues of the Civil Rights Movement (overview by Anthony Parent) as well the effects of integration on education (remarks by Elizabeth Clendinning), within a framework of artistic responses to racial injustice. These artistic responses included Erica Still’s reading of “Equality” from Maya Angelou’s collection I Shall Not Be Moved and two musical performances—the spiritual Freedom, sung by Professor Richard Heard and Charles Mingus’s Fables of Faubus, performed by a jazz combo consisting of members of Wake Forest’s music faculty as well as Brice Evans.

Originally scheduled for Monday, February 15th, it was pushed to the 16th due to snow.