Allison Orr and Served

Dates TBA

In January 2016, multiple NEA grant recipient Allison Orr came to Wake Forest to teach and share her work in both classes and​ a screening of ​the film​ Trash Dance. ​Over the next couple of years, IPLACe will continue ​a​ collaboration with her company, Forklift Danceworks, ​culminating in SERVED, a cross-campus dance project involving service workers from Wake Forest’s Reynolda and Downtown campuses​.​ Orr ​and her company​ will join us ​five times in the coming years, ​as we develop ​this​ large-​scale public event that is, as yet, impossible to describe. ​Showcas​ing​ the talents of ​important members of our community who are ​sometimes overlooked, WFU​’s fabulous​ service employees. Served will not only be high-quality dance work, it will hopefully be a relationship building project with long-lasting effects.​