From October 15-19, 2018, Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Dokhang House of the Gaden Shartse Monastery, one of the three most renowned monasteries of Tibet, will create a Sand Mandala of the Buddha of Wisdom (Manjushri) and deliver a series of lectures.  Mandala means literally “that which extracts the essence.” The monks will create a two-dimensional mandala.  The mandala will be c. 5’ x 5’ and take up to five days to complete by several monks, including several Mandala Masters. Prayers are said throughout the making of the mandala. As part of their tradition, at week’s end the mandala will be swept up and placed in a body of water (e.g., creek, river, lake, or ocean) as an offering to purify the surrounding environment.

This event is part of the Silk Roads Winston-Salem Symposium.  It is presented in partnership with the Departments of Philosophy, History, Study of Religion, Wellbeing, East Asian Languages and Culture, School of Divinity, Humanities Institute, and the Provost’s Office.