The LYNN BOOK PROJECTS Archive is a Digital Humanities effort supported by the Humanities Institute and the Digital Scholarship group in ZSR Library.  This body of work, produced and preserved over the course of almost four decades, is inherently interdisciplinary, and bridges the arts and humanities in a number of inventive ways and will provide a pilot for other WFU digital scholarship.   The LBP Archive will focus attention on innovative research methods and procedural practices involving the application of theoretical and scholarly materials to creative and transformative objectives.

At this event you’ll learn about what a team of participants, headed up by Carrie Johnston, is collectively working on in the first stages of the archive.   The task of structuring data, while simultaneously making creative decisions, underscores this archive as a valuable digital humanities pilot project.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at 5pm in the auditorium at ZSR Library.