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Talking about Sarah DeLappe’s The Wolves

TALKING ABOUT SARAH DELAPPE’S THE WOLVES NOVEMBER 1, 2018 Dr. Christy Buchanan and Dr. Stavroula Glezakos will take part in a post-show discussion on Thursday, Nov. 1, following The Wolves. Dr. Glezakos (Philosophy) is currently teaching a course on Philosophy of Love...

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Tim Miller

Tim Miller returns to Wake Forest University for workshops with students and to deliver his performance/lecture/rant on the Tedford Stage on October 18.

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Allison Orr and Served

In January 2016, multiple NEA grant recipient Allison Orr came to Wake Forest to teach and share her work in both classes and​ a screening of ​the film​ Trash Dance. ​Over the next couple of years, IPLACe will continue ​a​ collaboration with her company, Forklift Danceworks…

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