Guidelines for Grantees

Congratulations on receiving funding from IPLACe, the Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center. We are excited about your project, and want to make sure that people know we’re here and supporting work like yours. This will help future collaborators find us, and will help us bask in your reflected glory. That is, when you’re amazing, we’ll look amazing, too. So, when you accept funding from IPLACe, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • In order for you to be happy with the accuracy and amount of promotion/advertising, you are responsible for certain elements of publicity. Our student assistants will be happy to work with you to create attractive and appropriate designs for your materials, and they can post them for you around campus. If you feel uncomfortable with the design process, just say the word and we will happily join in to help develop something you like. Whether we have been in on the conversations or not, as soon as you are satisfied with the design, please run it by Director Cindy Gendrich ( before duplicating. Once the design is cleared, please send it to Chris Yon ( so that he can post it on our website. We suggest that you put your event on the University calendar ASAP, and that you tell the Provost’s office and the Dean about it (email addresses and links listed below). They can publicize it in their weekly or monthly postings. Again, we’re happy to help with designs and reasonable copying costs, but we believe you’re the best one to make sure people know about your event.
  • We do ask that you credit us in all your virtual and printed materials–emails, postings on websites, flyers, posters, and programs. Please choose from the logos linked below, noting the many different color options. Our student assistants have access to the logos, as well. If they’re designing materials for you, they should put the logo on them. (Links to logo files are included below.)
  • Be especially careful about crediting IPLACe if we have had a big part in funding you or making the event take place (i.e. we’ve paid for half or more of your funding). In that case, we’d like to be listed prominently on all your publicity, and we ask that you remember to mention our support whenever you can. If you have program notes, you might thank us. If you are making an announcement or doing a radio or t.v. interview, we’d love it if you’d say something like, “We’d like to thank the WFU Interdisciplinary PLACe for funding us.”
  • Please make sure that future incarnations or producers of this work–if developed under our auspices–also agree to acknowledge our backing. That is, if you develop a music composition (or a theatre piece or a dance) through IPLACe and it gets performed in Chicago or Raleigh or New York or Tokyo, the producers should thank us and/or use the logo, too.
  • If you are having food and/or drink at your event, and we have funded it, please work with Chris Yon to make sure everything is on track to happen when and where you want it, and within budgeted guidelines.
  • If there is documentation planned, please share the photos or recordings with us. If we’re in charge of that documentation, we promise to share those with you.

Thank you! We hope these guidelines are easy to comply with. Below you’ll find a checklist that may help you keep track of a few of these details. Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have questions or concerns (, x3940, or

Cindy Gendrich

Director, IPLACe

P.S. If payment is delayed for any participant in your project, we want to know. We are working hard to make sure our center is prompt and reliable, and you can help us make sure we are.


____ Poster/fliers designed (including logo) and cleared with Cindy (

____ Posters copied, posted, and shared with Chris Yon (

____ Event on the University calendar ( Click on “submit an event.”

____ Provost’s office (Amalia Wagner: and the Dean’s office (Denise Griggs: notified

____ Food/drink planned with Chris Yon (

____ Programs, if any, designed and copied

____ Photos or other recording arranged, if any

Download Logos

To use the IPLACe logo; download the logo zip file. There are a variety of color schemes. Please pick the one that works best with your document.