DACA Home Project

Are you a DACA recipient? The DACA Home Project will help you file your renewal application at the workshops on September 23 and 30, before the October 5 deadline.

New Documentary on Collidescope 3.0

Take a look into the process of creating the extraordinary Collidescope 3.0 with Ping Chong + Company, Wake Forest University Theatre & Dance, and IPLACe: Ping Chong and COLLIDESCOPE 3.0 from WFU IPLACe on...

Dr. Kurahashi on Collidescope 3.0

Check out this article by Dr. Kurahashi about Ping Chong's collaboration with IPLACe and WFU Theatre to create the phenomenal Collidescope 3.0 at Wake this past February:...

IPLACe Counseling Troupe Published

IPLACe's ongoing collaboration with the Counseling Program has inspired a recently published article in the Journey of Creativity in Mental Health by WFU professors Phil Clarke, Sharon Andrews, and Erin Binkley- read the abstract here:...

Introducing Collidescope 3.0

Check out this introduction to Collidescope 3.0, opening TONIGHT on the Tedford Stage #CollidescopeWFU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3upxOfu2T-Y