Summer Faculty Fellows

The Interdisciplinary PLACe (Performance and the Liberal Arts Center) is offering up to five faculty fellowships in amounts up to $3000 this summer for work on performance projects with an interdisciplinary focus.  Perhaps you’re developing a dance, writing a play, composing a symphony, or doing other preparation for an interdisciplinary performance outside your normal university responsibilities. This might include extraordinary research or analysis, designing or practicing for an unusual collaboration, learning a new skill, or something else.  It simply needs to have an interdisciplinary performance focus in Music, Theatre, and/or Dance.

Successful applicants will be notified by April 15th and may either receive the fellowship as a stipend to spend as needed, or can elect to receive it as reimbursement for expenses. You will be expected to write a short report for the Center at the end of the summer, detailing your work and its outcomes. (What did you do? Who benefited—or will benefit from—this work? Did you spend your money on materials or travel, or did you treat the fellowship as compensation? If the latter, how much time did you spend working on this project?) Whenever your project is finalized, the Center wants to know about it, and will happily help you to promote it.  Recipients will also be expected to credit or thank IPLACe for this support in any electronic or printed publicity materials and programs. The IPLACe logo will be provided.  If you decide to receive your award as a stipend, it will appear as extra compensation in your June payroll check.

If you are unsure about whether your project could qualify, please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call Louie Goldstein with questions (, or x5368).

If you think you’re right for this, please apply by answering the following questions: