Project Proposal

An IPLACe proposal is as simple as answering the following questions and then emailing the completed document to Cindy Gendrich at


IPLACe Project Proposal


  1. Refer to the descriptions on the Work With Us page; do you envision this as a Salon, a Partners in Performance project, a commission, course enhancement, traditional scholarly work, or something else entirely?



  1. Briefly describe your proposed project. What is it, why do you want to do it? What results do you hope to obtain? How will performance (versus reading something or hearing a talk) contribute to the impact of your project and assist you in your objectives?



  1. List all involved participants and their roles.



  1. Describe how your project is interdisciplinary, collaborative, and involves the performing arts.



  1. What is the proposed timeline of your project?



  1. Who will benefit from this project? List the communities that your project will reach.



  1. IPLACe strongly encourages documentation of our funded projects.  Video and/or photos of your project can be useful for multiple reasons, such as portfolios, website content, and publicity- both for you and for us.  Do you already have ideas about how your project might be best documented, and by whom?  If not, we can help develop a documentation strategy and find a photographer/videographer to record your project.  We will also determine documentation fees separately from your proposed budget, so you need not include that cost unless you already have a specific request.



  1. Provide a detailed budget and include other funding sources that are supporting this project, if applicable. Your budget might include line items for guest speakers (and their travel, food, and lodging), for production expenses or publicity, and many other things. If in doubt, ask. We reserve the right to say “no” to anything, but if it enhances the quality of production and/or the reach and quality of conversation your event has, we might say “yes.” There’s nothing lost by asking. Again, we’ll handle the budgeting of any video.