Work with Us

Whether you are in the performing arts or not, we would like to invite you to be a part of the Wake Forest Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center (IPLACe).


We are pleased to help support faculty and student projects that are 1) Interdisciplinary, and 2) rely on performance as a substantial component. Reach out to someone in another discipline with your idea for a creative interdisciplinary performance partnership. Whether it’s Theatre and Sociology, Dance and Mathematics, Music and Philosophy, or one of hundreds of other possibilities, we want to encourage cross-pollination with the performing arts, and we want to give you a place, a time, and a reason to sh​are your interests and stimulate important conversations.

Who to Contact

E​mail our director, Cindy Gendrich ( or a member of our executive committee if you would like to develop an idea​. Executive committee members are Louie Goldstein (Music), Christina Soriano (Dance), Leah Roy (Theatre), Elizabeth Clendinning (Music)​, and Paul Bright (Hanes Gallery).

What We Fund

See the descriptions, below, of fundable projects: Salons, Partners in Performance, Commissions, Traditional Scholarly Work, and Special Classroom Projects. However, if you think of something that doesn’t fit any of these designations, please feel free to propose. We’re open to your creative ideas!


Salon projects are typically intimate gatherings of faculty and students to discuss the process and product of an interdisciplinary partnership that has already occurred or is occurring. All we require is that each partnership have (or have had) some kind of performance component. Pre- and post-performance gatherings and talk-backs are versions of “salons” that we regularly organize. These can be as simple or elaborate as you like. ​IPLACe regularly provides f​ood, drink, and a place and time for conversation as well as s​mall stipends for participating faculty and guest scholars and artists.

​Partners in Performance (PIP)

​PIP projects ​include most of the actual performance projects we support, and range from guest artists to special collaborations with many campus constituencies. Music, Theatre, and Dance are open to ideas about plays, music, and choreography that we might include in upcoming seasons, or produce as special projects. ​We also welcome suggestions and plans about great guest artists and speakers with strong interdisciplinary connections. ​We want to enhance conversation about your research and/or teaching interests​ with excellent performance work and stimulating conversation.


As with Partners in Performance, the Center is interested in helping fund the development of new performance work that ​will interest​ the Wake Forest and Winston-Salem community. ​ Speak with us about this and you might be surprised at what we can help create.​

Traditional Scholarly Work

Whether it’s a special conference you would like to attend or host, research you are doing, or a writing project you need funds to support, you can apply to IPLACe to help, as long as there is a clear performance connection. We will be happy to consider your proposal and help develop your ideas. However, many other WFU funds support these kinds of endeavors, so this is a modest portion of our budget and large requests (over $1000) are unlikely to be fully fundable through IPLACe.

​​Special Classroom Projects

Do you have an idea to improve the classroom experience that involves live performance? Feel free to meet with us to develop your idea.

Guidelines for Grantees

Learn about the guidelines when you accept funding from IPLACe.

Proposal Guidelines

The questions you need to answer to get started on your proposal!

Summer Faculty Fellows

Submit your Application to become a Summer Faculty Fellow.

Post-Performance Report

Please complete this form no more than seven days after your event.