Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center at Wake Forest University.

Who We Are

When you imagine life on a college campus, you probably think of a place filled with smart, inventive people having inspiring conversations about every subject imaginable. IPLACe exists to foster just that.

Drawing together artists, scholars, students, faculty, and staff from every corner of our campus, IPLACe uses performance collaborations—with Chemistry, Religion, History, Politics, Math, Romance Languages, Neuroscience, Documentary Film, and really anything else you can think of—to give us all a place, a time, and a reason to talk to each other about the things we care about.

Current Events

Rohina Malik, UNVEILED

Five Muslim women in a post-9/11 world serve tea and uncover what lies beneath the veil in this critically acclaimed one-woman show by actor and playwright Rohina Malik.

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Allison Orr and From The Ground Up

​Over the last three years, IPLACe has been collaborating with Forklift Danceworks to create a dance featuring the movement and stories of Custodial, Maintenance and Utilities, Landscaping, Construction, and Waste Reduction employees. The result is From The Ground Up which will be performed October 4 +5, 2019 on Hearn Plaza.

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